Bydgoszcz – King Fu Fusion

This restaurant is located in the main market square and is a fusion of Asian and European cuisines. When I visited in October 2017 it was rated highly on TripAdvisor, but today it has risen to being the top rated restaurant in the city.

With no disrespect to the glorious city of Bydgoszcz, this didn’t feel like the restaurant that I would have expected here. Gloriously on-trend, modern and exciting even back in 2017, it felt like it should be something more suited to Warsaw or a capital city.

This is a Bavarian wheat beer, it was refreshing and crisp as well being at the appropriate temperature. For perfection from this restaurant, I’d have liked a better selection of craft beers. But I mention that a lot.

A cream of sweet potato soup, which despite being rather vegetabley was still excellent. A pleasant and quite powerful taste, with a creamy edge, and some texture from the vegetables.

Beef cheeks with carrots, all rather artful in its presentation. The beef was tender and moist, falling apart as I cut into it, whilst the carrots added texture. The sauce was rich and it all came together beautifully.

It wasn’t overly busy when I visited on a weekday lunch-time back in October 2017, but the service was polite and welcoming. The staff spoke English, which was helpful as ever, and everything seemed professional and properly done. I’m not at all surprised that this restaurant continues to be so well reviewed.

As prices go in Poland, this was a little expensive at the equivalent of around £8 for two courses and a beer. However, it would be hard to get anywhere near that value in the UK for that quality of food and service.