Bucharest – The Urbanist

This is the sort of location that isn’t necessarily designed for me, although also slightly is. It’s an on-trend clothing shop along with a bar and coffee shop, although I’m not sure which one generates the most profit. I suspect the bar, but it’s an interesting and quirky destination. The element that is designed for me is that they sell craft beer, so on that basis alone, I thought I’d have a little visit.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Black IPA from Perfektum that I wanted, but the helpful staff member suggested the Zaganu Bruna instead. Indeed, that’s the only dark beer that they had, but I like Zaganu as I visited their bar a couple of days ago.

I’m not sure jars are the ideal drinking vessel, but it adds to the theatre and so I didn’t disapprove. The beer was excellent, a taste of caramel and a pleasant aftertaste. Reassuringly competent…. The beer was about £3, perhaps a little expensive for Romania, but this was a city centre location which is clearly the place to be seen for many, so not an unreasonable cost.

The clothing element of the store, all neatly presented. I liked this place, relaxing and comfortable, with a large outside terrace as well which would be handy in the summer months for people watching. I think it has more of a vibrancy in the evenings, but the daytime ambience was certainly sufficiently welcoming for me. It reminded me a little of when I visited Toms Shoes in Athens….