Athens – Toms Shoes (and coffee)

There are a few of these locations around the world, although I must admit that I hadn’t heard of the company name, just the concept. In short, it’s a shoe shop and coffee shop where for every product purchased the company give another free to charity.

Initially established in the United States, there are a handful across in the world, a few in the US, one in London, one in Greece and several in the Middle East.

First time I think that I’ve had coffee in a shoe shop.

Attractive coffee and the server was professional and rather smooth in his entire service. I’m not sure how he made the image on the coffee this clear and the image stayed like that until I had nearly finished the drink. As for the taste of the coffee, it was the best I’ve had all week, rich and creamy, all excellent value for €3. They serve all the drinks in takeaway cups, regardless if customers are eating in (or drinking in) which is a little unusual.