Bucharest – Bellu Cemetery

Work on this cemetery started in 1855 and the first burial took place in the following year. The new cemetery was necessary as until the mid-nineteenth century, most individuals were buried in churchyards and there was a limit to how long this practice would be possible and international pressures from other countries also had an impact. If other countries could have lovely cemeteries, then why not Romania? The cemetery was named after Barbu Bellu, a wealthy landowner who donated the land to the city.

I spent over an hour here meandering around, with no end of important people buried here, along with tens of thousands of others who worked no less hard, but may not be as well known. There are three Prime Ministers of the country, although I only found one, along with actors, performers, service personnel and probably every other occupation as well. I’ll post separately about a few of the more eye-catching gravestones….

Firstly, just some photos from around the cemetery.

The cemetery is in generally very good condition, with plenty of maintenance staff visible. I did wonder what the back story was in the above cases though.

Some of the larger tombs are open.

As are some of the plots….

The main chapel which is at the centre of the site.

A grand design.

Some people prefer a more glassy effect than stone…..

There were a lot of cats, which I assume are feral, at the cemetery and I heard a couple of scuffles as cats attacked each other. They looked a little aggressive as well, but I’m sure they at least keep down the number of rats. When one blocked my path and didn’t seem keen on moving I decided not to provoke it, so went a different way. I’d better add cats to the list of animals that I find intimidating…

Anyway, it’s a fascinating cemetery and it’s becoming something of a popular location for tourists as well, which may or may not please the locals.