Bonn – Haus der Geschichte (Willi Schulz Shirt)

According to Nathan, who studied this shirt in some detail (I’m not really into looking at old clothing), this is quite important for those interested in football. And, I must admit, it’s an interesting display item to have, which is a football shirt which was worn in the 1966 World Cup Final. It was worn by Willi Schulz, a German, er, footballer, who would have run up and down the field whilst wearing it. That’s all I can really write about football if I’m being honest.

I was interested to read though that eight of the eleven England football players who received a winning medal felt the need to sell it to raise money. Certainly different times in terms of how much players received in wages. And, also, the majority of players seem to have suffered from Alzheimer’s, it’s suggested that might have been linked to how players used to head what would have been an heavier ball than is used now.