Bixley – Saint Wandregesilius Church (George Parker)

Still on my theme of graves at Bixley Church, the arson hit church near Norwich, below is the grave of George Parker. Unfortunately many of the graves are becoming unreadable, but this one has remained in decent condition.

George Parker died in January 1864 at the age of 81 years old, having been born in 1783. His death was reported in the Norfolk Chronicle, noting that he “died on Wednesday last, Mr. George Parker, Bixley, many years a resident of that parish, deeply lamented by his family, and much respected by a numerous circle of friends”.

At the time of the 1851 census, George Parker is listed as living at Bixley Hall in Bixley, along with his wife Mary (born in 1789), his son Charles (born in 1825) and his grand son Edward (born in 1840). There were also two servants, Mary Ann Sandle and Mary Flud (both born in 1826), with George and Charles listed as farmers.

The family was though bigger than this, as in the 1841 census, there were more children listed, Granville (aged 25), Thomas (aged 20), William (aged 15), Charles (aged 15) and Frederick (aged 14).

I’m doubting whether the Parkers did live at Bixley Hall itself, as this was a grand house that was owned by the Earls of Rosebery and then later on by the wealthy Colman family. But they likely lived in a building attached to the hall, or nearby. George Parker does appear on the electoral rolls though. This was at a time when not every man (let alone woman) had the vote, so everyone had to qualify. Parker qualified as he was a “£50 occupier” (a property which had the required annual value) and was listed as “living on the road from Norwich to Loddon”.

In the 1861 census, George Parker is listed as living on Bixley Road and as being a retired farmer, living with his granddaughter Julia Mary Parker and two servants, Elizabeth Walls and John Harn. I’ll have to come back to find out more about George Parker, as he seems to have had some wealth, which should mean there’s plenty more to discover about him.