Birmingham – Hooch

There are occasions where I don’t look for exquisite craft beers and want a more simple drink. And Hooch, now rebranded for a modern generation (their branding, not mine) is an acceptable drink and I am unanimous in that  🙂

“Hooch is about letting go, having fun, enjoying time with your mates and not taking life too seriously. Let the squares of the world sit and sip their pretentious try-hard concoctions, missing out on life’s simple pleasures and obsessed with image. Good times shouldn’t be complicated.”

The above is from Hooch’s marketing material, and I assume they mean Fosters when they say try-hard concoctions, not delicious craft beer options…

They also say that this is “the beverage of the people”. Sounds like the Greggs of the drinking world. Incidentally, there’s no connection between Hooch and Birmingham, it just happens to be where I had this particular bottle.