Barnsley – Sod the Pedestrians

I haven’t complained about anything for a few hours, so this seems like a good moment. This is an example of how pedestrians are really not well cared for sometimes and they wonder why accidents take place. On the left of this road junction is the Ibis Styles Barnsley and Toby Carvery, on the right is the road into Barnsley town centre. On both sides are residential areas and plenty of people need to walk between them, as I noticed when doing this walk myself, this is a busy crossing area for pedestrians. In the middle of all this is the M1 motorway.

And this is what pedestrians have to cross, the entrance to the bloody M1. Just as cars really want to start speeding up to join the M1, there are pedestrians trying to cross here. No warnings for car drivers, nothing to help pedestrians. The appropriate flooring is there to help disabled people get across and know there’s a crossing, but they’d be very brave to try and cross here. I hated this crossing, and there’s one on the other side which is no better. The path does carry on and is protected after this point with a crash barrier, but then pedestrians have to cross the other side as well, where cars are coming off the M1. That’s slightly easier though, as there are traffic lights controlling that, although nothing for pedestrians, they just have to notice when they’re red for the cars.

There’s the M1 and the slip road (or whatever they’re called) onto it is to the left behind the trees. I don’t know who is responsible for sorting out this crossing, but I think the lack of care here is irresponsible and I hope that no-one is ever injured on this crossing.

Anyway, moan over….