Athens – The Greco’s Project

Centrally located, this restaurant is well reviewed and serves a range of traditional and innovative Greek dishes. I was welcomed immediately on entering the restaurant and offered a choice of tables, so it all felt seamless.

The interior of the restaurant was clean and comfortable and there are apparently two floors, although I was seated downstairs. The service was attentive and helpful throughout the dine and the two staff members who served me spoke English perfectly. There was quite a difficult customer nearby who asked an inordinate number of questions about the vegetables in the dishes, but the staff member remained calm and understanding throughout.

This was one of the specials of the day, chicken and pork gyros in pita bread, with tomatoes, onions and sauce inside them, and potato chips on top. It seemed to be more pork than chicken, but the taste of the meat was rich and succulent, with a real flavour. The tomato was perhaps slightly bland, but the meal all worked well together. It was also much more filling than I had expected, a generous portion size.

The ALFA beer, which is a Greek lager, was served at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature. It’s perhaps not a great product, quite bland in terms of its taste and lacking any distinct flavours or after notes. However, it was inexpensive and was a refreshing drink.

These two small portions of cake were brought over at the end of the meal with the compliments of the house. A nice way to end the meal which cost around £10 for the food and drink, which I thought was reasonable given the central location of the restaurant.