Athens – Coffee Joint

This is Coffee Joint, a corner coffee shop and cafe pretty near to the Acropolis Museum. It’s not perhaps particularly exciting from the exterior, although it’s clean and well maintained.

The interior of the cafe was functional and clean. I was also welcomed promptly and there was a friendly vibe in the cafe which made it feel a comfortable place to be.

But the service was impeccable, with two staff members (who I would guess are the owners) who were not just kind and helpful, but were clearly genuinely nice people. The latte was served at the appropriate hot temperature, but without being scalding hot, and had a rich and agreeable flavour. The pastry was offered free of charge by the cafe, which was another positive touch.

The staff members were conversational, engaging and warm, so I felt that my €3 spent for the coffee was very well spent. I’m very pleased that places like this exist and that owners care so much for their premises, so it’s no surprise to see just how highly this is rated in reviews.

Quite marvellous and a contender for my most friendly location of the year….