Amtrak Pacific Surfliner (San Juan Capistrano to Los Angeles)

Not many photographs of this train journey unfortunately……

So, the time arrived to leave the delightful Alexis and Jose in San Juan Capistrano to go back to Los Angeles and then back to Boston. The train arrived on time and was a double decker Pacific Surfliner, Dylan would have been very pleased with the size of the train as well as the loud ringing and general noise.

The train was only moderately busy, so it was easy to get a seat. The staff were their usual very friendly selves and everything was clean and comfortable. The wi-fi didn’t work the other day on my trip here, but fortunately it was functioning well today. I had thought that the train went to northern California, but it actually stopped at Los Angeles, so everyone got off and at the time expected.

The journey is a simple one, lasting under 90 minutes, with the usual spacious seats and also the option of the cafe bar on the train for those who want it. The on-line tracking of trains on the Amtrak web-site also works well, so I could see the train coming towards San Juan Capistrano.