Acle – St. Edmund’s Church (Robert Aldous Faulke)

This grave stands out in the churchyard because of its design, but it was the content that was the saddest, the death of a five-month old boy. Robert Aldous Faulke was baptised in the church on 13 September 1860 and he was the son of Robert Cooper Faulke and Anna Maria Faulke. Robert Cooper Faulke worked as a miller and farmer, employing three men and one boy, looking after 98 acres. There must have been some wealth, as the cost of such a headstone would have been relatively substantial.

Robert died on 20 February 1861 and was buried on 25 February 1861 and the bottom of his beautiful gravestone reads “he died for Adam sinned, he lives for Jesus died”. It must have made for a painful census for the family, as the 1861 national register was taken on 7 April, just a few weeks after the death of Robert. One notable thing is that the census lists 7-month old Fanny Elizabeth as the only child, which made me realise that Robert was a twin (I had otherwise missed that his sister was baptised on the same day).