Vilnius – StrangeLove

This little cafe is located at the entrance to Kalnų parkas and there are views of the park from the first floor (or second floor as the Lithuanians call it).

Well, how lovely. The staff member was welcoming and willingly explained what all the options were, although I partly stopped listening when she mentioned the pistachio eclair.

The view over the park from the upstairs balcony.

I slightly regretted trying to carry both of these up the stairs, along with a load of leaflets and my battery charger. I was nervous of having an incident where at least one of them went flying onto another customer, but I bravely managed to hold onto everything. I then decided to ignore the table nearest to the top of the stairs and traipse across the room to the outside balcony, thereby increasing the chance of me dropping everything.

A nicely presented latte which had a rich and pleasant taste, and a pistachio eclair which was excellent. The interior of the eclair had flavoured confectioner’s custard and the topping added a little bit of extra texture. The combination of pistachio and coffee is one which works for me. The cost of this little expedition was around £3.50.