Turin – Turin Airport – Piemonte Lounge

There’s only airport lounge at Turin Airport which is used by lounge access companies such as Priority Pass, as well as by the national airlines for their customers. It’s also well signed and so isn’t difficult to find.

Views over the runway and the environment in the lounge is clean and pleasant.

I was initially pleased at just how many power points there were across the lounge. Until I realised that these really aren’t well designed for anyone who wants to use an adaptor, as it won’t fit because of that extruding element on the left. So my devices went uncharged because of a design which I must admit I’ve never seen before.

The lounge has picked up more than a few complaints about the quality of the food options, although that might be a little unfair. There was plenty of choice including pastries, pizza and fruit, with the quality all seeming reasonable. There were yoghurts with no spoons available, but otherwise the selection was well presented and looked appetising.

For reasons unknown, the lounge doesn’t have any self-pour drinks and customers have to ask even for glasses of water. I’m unsure of the logic behind not having soft drinks at least on self-pour rather than add this extra layer of complexity. I noticed many lounge visitors didn’t have a drink, either because they didn’t like to ask, or because they didn’t know that they had to.

I’m also not convinced that these signs on the toilets are sufficiently clear and I watched other people being just a little bemused by this. These are the male toilets for the avoidance of any doubt.

Overall, the lounge was clean, the staff were friendly and the food and drink options were adequate. The lack of access to power was more irritating than anything else given the effort they’d made in terms of the number of power points, and ideally I’d have been able to pour my own water and soft drinks. However, it’s a comfortable and quiet place to visit and the views over the tarmac are extensive.