Turin – Lingotto Fiat Test Track

Lingotto was once one of the largest car factories in the world and it was constructed by Fiat between 1916 and 1923. They had what was then a pretty revolutionary factory concept of moving the cars up from the ground floor to the top floor via ramps during the assembly process.

The factory closed in 1982 but it was later converted into a shopping centre and entertainment complex. The design work for this redevelopment was completed by Renzo Piano, who had been responsible for numerous buildings which I saw in Malta earlier this month.

These tracks are also where part of the Italian Job was filmed.

A view over towards the city and the mountains.

The former factory building, now a large shopping centre and offices.

More track photos. I thought that this might be busier than it actually was, but I meandered (in the walking sense) around the track mostly on my own. The track is in itself worth seeing, but the extensive views do add to the whole experience.