St Cuthbert’s Way Trip – Day 0 (Lunch-Time Update)

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Apologies for those who have little interest in this exciting trip that six of us are on, but my blog rarely has riveting content, so I’m sure readers can just ignore the irrelevant bits. I’ve discovered that Sarah and Andy have flown up to Edinburgh, whereas Susanna, Gordon and Steve are getting the train from Norfolk. Above is Gordon and Steve, note that he’s on his bloody phone again. You take him out and he sits and messages people, it’s all very anti-social. Steve didn’t say anything about it, he’s very tolerant.

Susanna arrived on the train in Attleborough to meet up with Steve, although Gordon was still on his phone apparently so didn’t notice. Susanna had 23 bags with her, but like a gentleman, Steve offered to help her.

Whereas I’m getting the train from Edinburgh, and this is the lunch-time train to Tweedbank. I wondered whether I’d meet Andy and Sarah on the platform, but they managed to jump off the inbound train. I’m not quite sure how they managed to do that, but a very lovely surprise. They then got off the inbound train back onto the same train to go outbound. I didn’t ask what on earth they were doing.

Here are Andy and Sarah on the train and we had a good gossip about Gordon, my 100 (have I mentioned I walked 100 miles?) and numerous other things.

Here I am with my Pret peppermint tea which I’m hoping will calm my nerves before Gordon arrives. The excitement was starting to mount with half the group now nearly at the start point of Melrose and as Alan Partridge would say “it’s all happening now”. Then some exciting news came in from Gordon about Carriage B on his train from Peterborough to Edinburgh. He noted “f****** awful – jungle beat music playing, might have to move carriage”. Seems like there’s a raucous traveller in Carriage B playing music and annoying him and Susanna, but it’s fortunate that Steve is in Carriage A. It’s important that the walk leader is well rested.

Andy and Sarah got off at Tweedbank and got the bus to Melrose, as for reasons unknown Andy wants a haircut (even though his hair is already short) and I’ve got off at Galashiels (the photo above is of the river – I think the Gala Water – running through the town) as there’s a Wetherspoons in the Good Beer Guide that I wanted to visit. I’m getting back on the train soon and will then be getting off at Tweedbank and walking to the hotel in Melrose. Andy and Sarah got the bus as they’re lazy.

So, that’s the little update for the moment, we shall see what develops when the three travellers from the south finally get here later today.