Sheffield – Devonshire Cat

There was something of a Head of Steam or Brewdog feel to this pub, an informal bar which seemed to be popular with students, not least as it’s beneath a university accommodation block.

A well put together choice of keg and craft beers, although the writing on the board was difficult to read in places.

Of all the 20 or so pubs we visited during the weekend to Sheffield, this was perhaps my least favourite. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with it, indeed it seemed successful, but the noise was a bit loud and the beer just a bit too cold for my liking. The beer I opted for was the Yorkshire Blackout Nitro Stout, but I struggled to find any real depth of flavour to it all and I would have rather it had been served at something like cellar temperature rather than Yorkshire Blackout Extra Cold.

I think that on reflection I’d have liked this more during the day, when there was likely a quieter and more relaxed vibe, as the food options looked interesting. It was though also one of the most expensive rounds of the weekend and this was before Nathan started to eye up some of the more premium craft beers.

My favourite review on TripAdvisor made me love the pub more though, a customer complained about how many craft beers they had, noting with their 1/5 review:

“Whilst for some it maybe a selling point, for me the fact I can’t even get a popular lager meant I was only drinking shorts.”