Riga – Skonto Hall and Skonto Stadium

I don’t know many people who watch Eurovision, but for anyone who does, this is where it was held in 2003   🙂   The result was probably quite exciting, Turkey got 167 points, Belgium got 165 points and Russia got 164 points.

Next to Skonto Hall is Skonto Stadium, which has been the home of the Latvian national football team since 2000. It was also home to Skonto FC, but they went bust in 2016, despite it being a substantial football club.

The biggest crowd the stadium has ever obtained is 9,000 people back in 2003, so it’s not exactly Wembley. But I’m sure it is a location of great national pride, and I might have even gone to watch a match there if one was on. But there isn’t, so I won’t.