Porto – Presto Pizza

I had gone through a number of local delicacies when in Porto, including the Francesinha sandwich, so after all that exotic regional cuisine I returned to Italian food.

This is the sort of positivity that I need in my life.

The Super Bock stout is much nicer than I had initially expected it to be, although broadly it’s a consistently badly reviewed beer. I thought the lightness worked quite well in the heat of Porto, and it had a creamy flavour which lingered appropriately. It’s what I’d expect a southern European stout to taste like.

The pizza with a crispy base and not too much cheese, just as I like it.

And the lemon tart, with a suitably sharp edge to it.

The pizza, beer and dessert came to just over £10, which seemed perfectly acceptable value for money. The service was friendly and attentive, with the whole meal service being efficient so I wasn’t left waiting for endless periods of time.