Porto – Port Testing

I’m not a huge fan of port, but I thought that if I was going to Porto then I should probably sample the local drink.

There was a port tasting offer on which only cost a few euros, including three different types of port and some crackers. I was excited about the snack offering, or as much as you can be about crackers, but it was just to cleanse the palate between the drinks. I could have done with some crisps though to go with the port.

I hadn’t realised that white port was a thing, but this was my favourite of the three. Although the other two were nicer than the ports that I’d had before and they were all pleasant to taste. The white port had a fruity and refreshing taste to it, not as rich as the other ports.

And for those with some money to spend, here’s the price list of some of the finer ports that were for sale. One of the bottles of port was €5,770 and I had a think about buying one and then decided not to. I think I’m more of a €1.49 Fanta from McDonald’s kind of person…..

This was a pleasant experience though, inexpensive and it lasted for around fifteen minutes or so, and it was a revelation to me about just how wide ranging port could be.