Peterborough – Stoneworks

This bar, which Nathan suggested, claims to be a “product of passion” which strives to get the best drinks, both alcoholic and soft.

What a beautiful back bar, both in terms of its look and also the contents contained therein…. The staff member seemed pretty excited to explain the options, with the darker beers located on the right hand side. That’s one of the best selections of stouts I’ve seen and if it were a bit later in the day then I’d have been tempted by one of the imperial stouts. But early afternoon seemed a bit early to start on something that strong.

There was a bit of a brewery tap take-over, with all the beers this week from Thornbridge Brewery. Look at some of those flavours! I like a dark beer which has flavour flowing through it.

I opted for half a pint of the coconut chocolate porter, not the cheapest at £2.85, but it seemed very tempting indeed. And it was an absolute delight with the flavour of coconut being subtle so that the beer didn’t become like some form of Malibu, but instead it just had a pleasant aftertone. It was at the appropriate temperature and was beautifully rich, a gorgeous taste of coconut and chocolate.

The interior of the pub is quirky and it was apparently used as a bookmakers before the current occupiers took over. The design is quite quirky with some exposed walls and a variety of different seating, with perhaps too much low seating though. They also have a shuffleboard table and claim they’re the only pub in Peterborough to have this, which I can well believe to be true.

The service was attentive and engaging, but it was primarily really enthusiastic. This is good, I’ve been to too many pubs which claim they are really exciting, but who have bar staff who look like they’ve just woken up from a little nap. So this pub offered a combination of great service and great beer, which is rather lovely indeed.