M&S and Their Beer Selection

Since I’ve started shopping at M&S, which is new to me and entirely because I can’t be bothered to battle around Morrison’s, I thought I’d investigate their beer selection a few weeks ago. It was pretty unimpressive, nearly entirely IPAs and there was just one darker beer. I walked by last week and there were several darker beers, all of which seemed to be popular given by the gaps in the shelf. It’s probably just a different season of beers, but it almost looked like they changed the beer buyer at M&S Head Office.

Anyway, not normally one for buying beer for home, I thought I’d encourage M&S slightly (and slightly is the word here, as I doubt my purchase volume will be noticeable, unlike my purchase of their reduced priced Easter Eggs…..) and buy this Salted Caramel Porter from Meantime Brewing.

It’s excellent in its intent, although its delivery isn’t particularly good as they seem to have forgotten to put any salted caramel flavour in. The Untappd reviews aren’t marvellous either, mainly based around the lack of flavour, but it’s a smooth porter nonetheless. And I like what they’re trying to do.