March – 38 West End

This property is one of the oldest in the town of March, with the central part dating to 1626, with extensions added in the nineteenth century. The town guide notes that, “inside, the house has elaborately carved wooden beams, one depicting the ‘Tree of Life’, the other grotesque heads and fantastic animals”. There are currently plenty of photos of the property at Zoopla and it looks like a building packed with character and history.

Assuming that the houses haven’t been renumbered, in 1939, the house was occupied by Errol R Bassham and Violet M Bassham, along with their family. Errol worked as a bank cashier and was also an ARP warden, where Violet was a nurse for the Red Cross. Errol died in 1955 at the age of 60 and Violet appears to have become involved with local amateur dramatics.