London – Camden (Borough of) – Camden Road Draft House

This is a sizeable pub in Camden, located opposite Camden Road Overground Station. I never knew this until today, but the Draft House chain is now part of Brewdog (they bought it a couple of years ago), which explains why they share so much in terms of branding and beers. I wonder if they’d have been better of swapping buildings with the smaller Brewdog Camden, but there we go….. According to WhatPub, this has gone through a few incarnations over the years, “formerly the Eagle, then Rosie O’Grady’s, then Mac Bar, then Grand Union”.

For those who don’t want to sit inside, there is outdoor seating on the pavement where you can enjoy traffic fumes and noise. The set-up here allowed me a suitable compromise, the ability to people watch, but with a lovely sheet of glass to keep out traffic and cigarette fumes.

All modern and on-trend, as well as being quiet which is a little unfortunate for the pub. I imagine it’s a busy place on weekends and evenings though given it’s in a fashionable area. The staff member was friendly, so all welcoming and comfortable.

The tap list on screens.

Ordering was a bit of a faff, their system isn’t the most logical (there are lots of steps) and they had to explain it in some detail to a neighbouring table where it failed. Anyway, I got there, but was slightly annoyed that the prices on this tap list don’t match the prices on the app. The pub was serving food and I was amused (because it reminded me of someone….) that the couple near me ordered cauliflower wings as it’s buy one vegan side and get one free on Thursdays. I didn’t partake, although I might have done if it was Wednesday as they have unlimited chicken wings on, rather replicating the Brewdog theme.

The Brewdog Oatmeal Stout, a perfectly acceptable drink, at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature and although not silky smooth, it had a certain richness to it.

It’s all a decent modernisation of a Victorian pub, without its heritage being entirely destroyed. Spacious and with a suitable range of beers, all rather lovely.