Lake District Week – Quotes of the Day

My usual little “quotes of the day” feature hasn’t really been running this week, so I thought I’d add a few to the mix now I’ve got more time. Some you really had to be here to understand, but they’ll remain relevant to at least one or two people on this trip.

“I’m the best looking of my siblings” – Gordon

“I just can’t afford all of these trips” – Dave, followed by “I can” – Gordon.

“I’m going to get the award for losing the most things this week” – Dave

“Buy someone a meal? Gordon could buy the entire restaurant” – Dave

“All this climbing, you know what’ll happen now, you’ll need to keep getting that buzz. You’ll become a danger monkey” – Gordon to Steve

“I’m not interest in Striding Edge, I’m content with Plodding Edge” – Gordon

“She spends so long with her hair, she’s such a vain creature” – Gordon

“I’m a lot younger than you though” – Dave to Gordon

“I’m Dave” – Dave

“Here’s one for you, I’ve got a question” – Dave

“Gordon, when I paid with your card, it was heavy, so heavy” – Dave

“I’ll tell you three reasons why women don’t put their photos up. They’re a bit of a moose*, because of their work and I’ve forgotten the third reason” – Dave

*I don’t approve of sexism or the portrayal of women in this way.