Lake District

Lake District – Cathedral Quarry Walk (Part One)

On the Tuesday, as we wanted a little rest from the exertions of Scafell Pike, we decided to do a walk around the Cathedral Quarry complex and also Slater’s Bridge. I’ve split this into two posts, one about the walk itself and the other about the Cathedral Quarry caves.

Above is the start point for the walk and for a change, I decided to throw the .gpx file to the wind (not literally, as I love my phone too much) and lead the group on a little bit of an adventure. There was a little bit at the beginning of the walk where we ended up doing a rather unnecessarily long loop, but it all worked out well. And the group likes adventure  🙂

Gordon showed us the moves which he has learned from Heather, who teaches yoga (and is excellent for anyone who wants to learn!). I’m not sure how good a student Gordon is, but it looked rather energetic. Gordon is very supple though, it’s a surprise that he doesn’t teach yoga as well.

The river at the start of the walk, where there has been some stone stacking going on.

And a photo from the other side of the bridge.

The path into the woods.

Yorkshire Ramblers’ Club.

A rather lovely looking sheep. I called it Dylan.

More on the slate quarry in another post, but this is the exterior that we walked round. They’ve dumped the slate that they didn’t need around the outside, so it’s quite a stark reminder of the industry that was here until relatively recently.

A group photo by the river. I thought that the tree would add some depth to the photo, but it hasn’t really, it has just blocked part of Sarah’s head.

Gordon, who is one of the cleverest people I know, told us that these were saddleback cows.

Steve with a sign (rather obviously). This was a lovely little walk, just six miles or so, which took in a peaceful part of the countryside. As it was a short walk it also meant that we had time to go to Ambleside, more of which on another post   🙂