Ireland – Bus Drivers

I’ve often been impressed with the engagement and friendliness of bus drivers in the United States. They’ve routinely gone off route to take me to a different location, are nearly always conversational and once the bus driver bought me snacks as I was the only passenger on the bus. I will forget the time that the bus driver opened the door to show me a snake though, as I could have been killed if the snake had launched itself onto the bus to bite me.

However, the bus drivers for Bus Éireann were just as friendly (although none bought us snacks) and seemed personable and welcoming. A kind bus driver took a photo of us on the first day and they were helpful throughout the week as we moved to different locations on the west coast of Ireland.

The photos above are from when our coach met another along a narrow road. The reversing required was challenging, but the other coach driver managed it with good grace. I particularly liked how the bus drivers, who didn’t work for the same company, wound down their windows and shook hands when the buses met.

Taking everything into account, Ireland is now matching Poland in being my European land of dreams…..