Hamburg – Window Restrictors

I’m at my luxury hotel in Hamburg, well, the Ibis Budget which isn’t really luxury, but I can dream. I’m on the fifth floor and I’m delighted to see that the window opens fully and isn’t restricted. I don’t like how hotel rooms in the UK, and it is normally the UK, are either hermetically sealed or allow their windows to open about 2 centimetres. It hardly allows the air to cascade in to keep the room cool.

I take the view that most adults tend not to fall out of windows, and that it’s ridiculous to try and stop them if they want to. I can see the need for families to want windows that don’t open to prevent children from trying to escape, but in that case, put them on the ground floor and restrict those rooms. So I’m guessing here that the EU hasn’t put some ridiculous law on hotels to force them to restrict windows, primarily since I’ve rarely seen a hotel which has them. But in the UK, the HSE seem to have demanded that hotels ensure no-one can possibly fall out of the window….

I think I’m with the mainland Europeans on this. Let there be air.