Glasgow – Drum and Monkey Pub

After a lovely meal and selection of beers in Shilling Brewing Company, I started to work through the list of Good Beer Guide pubs and came to the Drum and Monkey. I realised when I arrived that it was run by Nicholson’s (part of Mitchells & Butlers), who have a consistent ability to deliver a poor range of beers, so my expectations were low. The interior was though interesting, it’s another former bank that has been converted into a pub, so my hopes were raised a little.

As I wasn’t welcomed into the pub, I just went to sit down. I then discovered that the pub’s entire draught beer selection was Peroni, Tennent’s and Carling. No real ale, no craft beer on tap, just generic rubbish. They did have some craft beer options in cans, which I’ll credit them with, but they were overpriced and there was nothing of any real interest that couldn’t be picked up at Tesco.

I walked out again without ordering anything. Why this pub is in the Good Beer Guide I have no idea, but perhaps it’s usually better in terms of beer options and the welcome from staff.