GeoGuessr – The Beginning of the Challenge

Sometimes it’s not sensible to let two idiots (well, part idiots) go to the pub unsupervised by adults, as bad things can happen. Fortunately, Nathan and I set off on a pub crawl making sure we limited ourselves to no more than three pints. It’s important to set a self-imposed limit so ensure that things don’t go wrong, although we decided that since we imposed the limit we could also break it.

Anyway, that’s a distraction to this little story. Although I get distracted easily, which is usually evident in my long-winded and often winding dialogue of events. So, at the moment there’s this really awesome guy who has decided to walk across Wales in a straight line. What he has done is fun, and pointless really, but is also quite inspirational.

The guy who has posted these videos, who incidentally has a great sense of humour, also posts a lot of videos about GeoGuessr. These videos are surprisingly entertaining, and to cut a long story short (see, I can do that!) the web-site gives viewers a random Google Streetview image and they have to guess where it is.

I’ve found this a highly entertaining web-site, but I thought also that it was likely to be a little bit niche. However, when discussing this walking across Wales in a straight line video, it transpired that Nathan was also a fan of GeoGuessr. How wonderful to have such an equally distracted (that’s the most polite word I can find in my mind at the moment) friend….

Right, back to why this is relevant. I like adventures, and I’d been toying with the idea of just going to wherever GeoGuessr came up with. And so, the rest of this story is probably starting to fit together, but for those who are confused (I can name them, but they’re mostly Nathan’s friends and I can say that because they’re not likely to read this) we thought that’s what we should do.

Our rules, I think, were that we’d go to anywhere in England and Wales. It was surprisingly exciting, as when the image loads we firstly have to find clues to work out where we’ve got to get to. And, unless it’s impossible, we need to get there by public transport. And yes, this is all a bit pointless, but there’s some excitement in having no idea where we’re going.

Or is it pointless? There’s a theme behind this, which is that I believe there’s fascinating history and culture nearly everywhere (I said nearly) and that there are very many places that I don’t know about that I would want to visit. However, how can I visit them when I don’t know about them? This is where random comes in.

Until we get bored of this, we’re going to try this theory, by going to whatever random place GeoGuessr comes up with. We’ve set our first location, but more of that in the next post…..