Gdynia – Traffic Lights

I think it’s fair to say that the content I’m writing isn’t necessarily the most enthralling today, but I’m quite pleased at this development in traffic lights at pedestrian crossings….

There are many crossings across Poland where I’m never quite sure when I’ve successfully pressed the button to cross. Not having an engineering mind, I’ve also noted many other British people struggle with their operation, as they don’t make sense to me. However, revolution is here with these, there are lights which flash to show where to press and then they make clear with all manner of shapes (well, a circle) when it’s time to cross the road.

However, I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that whilst children seem to love pressing them, some of the more slightly mature generation look entirely bemused at them.

A button for pedestrians using the new crossing, photo: Kamil Złoch

I think the local authorities are quite pleased with them too….