Gdansk – Ostro

Ostro is a well-reviewed relatively small pizza restaurant overlooking the river in Gdansk which prides itself on the authenticity of their Neapolitan pizzas.

When I entered I was given the last available table downstairs and I think it was full upstairs as well. There is an external seating area for when the weather is more temperate, which it is most certainly not in early February. There’s a well stocked bar and then four tables downstairs, which are placed relatively close together. I was given a table for four and it would have been difficult if there actually were four of us as there wasn’t a lot of space.

There was a few beer options, I hadn’t had this Bock beer, Kozlak, from Browar Amber before and it was entirely acceptable. I think it’s positive to see that restaurants seem to be routinely offering a selection of bottled beers now, this whole situation is definitely getting better. There was a wine menu as well though for those customers who prefer that option.

There are a number of rules that have to be followed in sourcing ingredients to claim an authentic Neapolitan pizza, particularly with regards to the cheese and tomatoes used. This restaurant shows how they meet those rules and they also offer some guidance to customers on how to eat the pizza, although I noticed that most people in the restaurant seemed to ignore their suggestions. I liked this place-mat, it’s a reminder of how difficult it is to get right the requirements for an authentic pizza of this style.

And the pizza, yet again made smaller by the wide angle of my phone, but actually quite a generous size. The quality of this was well above average, the richness of the tomatoes was perhaps the strongest element, but the crust was light and fluffy as well. Some heat from the jalapenos and flavour from the bacon, a really quite delightful pizza that was at the appropriate hot temperature.

The staff in the restaurant were friendly and engaging, with the service being pro-active and polite. Despite the clear need for this restaurant to turn over tables quickly given their relatively small size (the restaurant, not the tables), I was never rushed and I thought that the atmosphere was suitably comfortable. I read a chunk of a book on my phone during the meal and there are some pleasant views of the river, although my table wasn’t best placed for that.

Anyway, I’d merrily recommend this restaurant, and I think that they offer takeaways and deliveries as well. I suspect this restaurant is difficult to get into during the summer months when tourists flock to the city, but it’s worth the effort to get a table.