Florence – San Lorenzo Church (Tomb of Donatello)

Donatello (1386-1466) was a sculptor, artist and architect who was born and died in Florence and his tomb is today in the crypt of San Lorenzo church. He worked on numerous projects within the church, including the Passion Pulpit, which was his last work. His burial was a prestigious one, it’s known that the sculptor Andrea della Robbia was one of the people who carried him to his final resting place, with his tomb being located underneath the altar of the church.

The inscription on the tomb reads something like:

“Here lies the body of Donatello, celebrated for reviving the ancient art of sculpting, most dear to the Medici Princes, generous patrons of the liberal arts who, as they revered him while he was alive, so they erected a tomb for him after death in a place close to their own.”