El Paso – Quality Inns and Suites

This is the side of the Quality Inns Hotel, which does rather look like a prison. However, that wasn’t the reason I took the photo, it was to show the lovely mountainous background.

The room was dark, as so many motels in the US are, but clean and well presented. Cleanliness in rooms in budget priced motels across the US does seem to be variable to say the least, but this location had one of the cleanest rooms that I can recall.

The room was also large, as so many motels in the US are, although was still the smallest room type that the hotel offered. The hotel had a range of facilities which included a swimming pool, which I studiously avoided.

The staff at reception were helpful, although they didn’t mention that the wi-fi would stop working on the second day of my visit as it was the day of the password change. For a few terrifying minutes I thought that the wi-fi was broken…..

This is very much a typical breakfast from the hotels which are part of Choice Hotels. It’s very American, and entirely acceptable to me.

Overall, I stayed here for two days (not non-stop as that would have left El Paso rather unexplored….) and thought that it represented reasonable value for money, costing around £42 per night including breakfast. It didn’t bother me particularly on this occasion, but the construction of the hotel isn’t ideal, as there is some considerable noise leakage from the floors above. So, if I returned I’d try and get a room on the first floor (their second floor).