Chelmsford – Statue of Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal

This is the statue of Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal (1776-1846) and it was installed on the renamed Tindal Square in 1850. The bronze statue was designed by EH Bailey and sits on a sizeable stone pedestal.

Nicholas, if I can call him that, was born in Chelmsford and went on to become the Chief Justice of Common Pleas and a respected judge. He was also chosen to defend Caroline of Brunswick, the then Queen of England, at a trial in 1820 when she was accused of adultery. The King didn’t want her around, but the people loved her, so Caroline wanted to assert her role as Queen. The defence was successful, but the whole situation was a little ridiculous, even at King George IV’s Coronation in 1821, Caroline wanted to attend and he barred her at the door of Westminster Abbey. Sounds quite an exciting drama.