Buses – How Hard is It?

Before it looks judgemental, I’ve edited the above photo as I’m not interested in social shaming. I can be judgemental, but that’s normally about chicken bakes and craft beer. To be honest, I must admit that I thought First’s solution to make it obvious where to sit was pretty clear and simple. They’ve put wraps around the seats they don’t want used and huge signs saying that. It seems that perhaps that they might need to do more when one younger member of the public came to sit on a wrapped off seat… To be fair, they’d probably had a long day and just wanted to sit down, I find the directional arrows in Tesco to be entirely confusing so I can’t complain about mistakes by others.

Anyway, my post isn’t about that, it’s that I was more humoured by the reaction from two other passengers nearby, both who tutted relatively quietly (they were moderately annoyed, but not enough to say anything out loud) and stared at the person for a good number of seconds before moving to other seats themselves. That seemed a particularly British solution that satisfied everyone.

As an aside, there’s something moderately nice about sitting down and knowing that I’ll have lots of space around me, it’s making public transport feel much more comfortable. Although financially unsustainable….