Bradford – Sparrow

This is the Sparrow pub in Bradford, opened in 2011 and taken over by Kirkstall Brewery of Leeds a couple of years ago.

Located in a former shop, it’s bright and airy, with extra seating available outside in the blazing hot sun (it’s been too hot again today). It doesn’t really have a feel of a pub and has more of a cafe bar arrangement to it, but everything was clean.

The cask and keg selection neatly written up at the end of bar, with a decent selection of different beer styles. There seems to be a little cluster of decent bars here on North Parade, the Record Cafe is over the road and I’ve noticed a couple of other places I’ll hopefully get to visit.

I went for the Black Band Porter, completely forgetting that I’ve had it before (at the Three Legged Mare in York) but it was equally good this time around, a nice coffee aftertaste. Those Seabrook crisps were delicious, I nearly got myself another pack but moderation is the key.

Wheeling out my usual standard for a pub, I’d say that anyone moving to the area and coming to this pub to try and meet friends would be successful here. The member of bar staff was friendly, engaging and helpful, with the pub having a laid-back environment. Another rather lovely pub.