Bonn – Ibis

There’s only one Accor option in Bonn itself, which is the city centre Ibis, located around a ten-minute walk from the historic town centre.

The chairs looked a little like I’d made them, but they fitted well into the decor of the ground floor which had a contemporary edge to it.

The hotel’s bar. I took a photo of this as we had to sit for a few minutes there waiting for a staff member to appear, since we timed our visit badly with the arrival of a coach party. The welcome at the reception desk was though polite and friendly, with the staff member giving us all the information that we needed.

This is a slightly hopeless drinks voucher which makes no sense at all, with the reverse reading that visitors could have a lemonade or similar non-alcoholic drink. I can only imagine that this voucher is given to children, since there is no such non-alcoholic drink rule, or something has been lost in translation.

My Accor status gave us each a large Bitburger. It’s not exactly at the top of my list, but it tasted fine, it was at the appropriate temperature and it was free. The free thing was my favourite bit.

The exciting view from the room. The room felt slightly tired and it’s apparent that this isn’t a new hotel, but equally, nothing was run down or broken. There was no welcome gift, beyond the drink, and I think that’s the first time it hasn’t been provided during a visit to a German Ibis.

All told, the hotel was organised and there were no noise disturbances either internally or externally. The bathroom was relatively small (I never worked out why they had designed the bathrooms in such a clunky way in a building which didn’t seem to be limited on space), but everything worked as it should. The Germans seem to have no legislation on banning windows from opening, so the window opened out as much as required, which is my personal preference.

Overall, the room cost around £50, which seemed reasonable given the location.