Bonn – Cafe Orange

I’m not sure whether this cafe is on-trend or not, but it’s certainly quirky and is located in what appears to have been a residential unit at one stage. The ordering process, something I often get confused about, isn’t entirely logical, but there’s table service offered which keeps things simple. The service incidentally was attentive and friendly, the cafe had a welcoming feel.

The cafe looks relatively small when entering, but there are two larger rooms at the rear. The counter has some sufficiently tempting options available, not least all that lovely chocolate.

The atmosphere in the cafe was laid-back and I liked that there were some customers using laptops, some reading, some drawing and some meeting friends. All very much a home from home, which is what a traditional cafe should really be about.

The cherry cheesecake, which was a little heavy, but had a pleasant taste to it. Due to some translation issues I ended up with a small freshly squeezed orange juice, but this was entirely lovely, albeit small. The prices for the food and drink were moderate, with the cafe being located near to the maths museum, Arithmeum.

Bonn doesn’t have a widespread acceptance of credit and debit cards, but this cafe did accept cards and there were also plenty of power points around.