Baltimore – Washington Monument

Located in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore, this column and statue was the first substantial monument to George Washington. It was designed by Robert Mills who also designed the Washington Monument in the country’s capital. Work started on the monument in 1815 and was completed in 1829, with a time capsule added which was discovered in 2015. It was originally meant to be built in a more urban area of the city, but it was built in the suburbs as some residents complained that it might fall over onto their houses.

When I was in Baltimore a few years ago the column was closed to the public whilst urgent repairs took place. It re-opened in 2015 to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary since work started to build it, with the cost of the project coming to a not inconsiderable $6.5 million. There are 227 steps to the top of the monument and when I finally get back to Baltimore, I might try and climb them…..