Baltimore – Chicken Rico

I remember this restaurant from when I visited in 2015 as it’s the first time that I’d had Peruvian food. Now, inevitably a chicken burrito and chips isn’t exactly the epitome of Peruvian cuisine, but the chicken itself was rotisserie cooked in a Peruvian style, so it’s the nearest that I’d got to it. There are a few of these around Baltimore, with a Peruvian family having brought the concept to the city.

As chicken burritos and chips go, this was above average in quality, with the chicken being tender and moist. The portion size was also generous, it certainly erred towards being one of the largest burritos which I’ve had.

Trying to remember this visit four years on isn’t entirely easy, but I remember it was a clean and fast foody type environment, which was perfectly comfortable. I also remember that the staff were friendly and the prices were also realistic, considerably cheaper than some of the rather more fancy Inner Harbor restaurants.