Athens – TGI Fridays

Having had a rather lovely Greek salad for lunch, I went for a more generic American option in the evening. Located in the city’s embassy area, this restaurant was busier inside that I had anticipated. The restaurant was inevitably pretty similar to other TGI Fridays around the world and it had a modern and informal feel to it.

The soft drinks are refillable, so the otherwise high volume of ice is acceptable. The service was passable, although perhaps some of the less engaging of any of the restaurants I visited in Athens during the week, which isn’t really the brand standard for a chain like this. However, the service was never rude and it wasn’t too difficult to get drinks refills and I was in no rush anyway.

The chicken burger and chips which wasn’t particularly well presented. The chicken tasted fine, tender and the coating was crispy, but there was nothing exceptional about it. The meal and drink (well, drinks, since I had three refills) came to around £10, so the pricing wasn’t unreasonable.

Overall, there wasn’t a great deal of uniqueness to anything about the operation, but it did have a vibrant atmosphere and it seemed efficiently run. I’ll be glad though when the UK outlets of this chain start their unlimited appetisers promotion again, I rather liked that.