Athens – Jazz Burger

I walked by this restaurant, which is outside of the city centre and it looked welcoming and after a quick check of reviews, I went in. It has some stylish and on-trend branding, although it appears to have been trading for quite a few years.

I didn’t understand the ordering process, but I suspect that you’re meant to order at the counter. I’m unsure because one other group ordered at the counter and went to sit down and another group had the order taken at the table. Either way, the service was friendly and helpful when I went to the counter.

The restaurant was clean and comfortable inside, but there were no English menus, so this must be predominantly a location visited by locals. The restaurant also only has a Facebook page and no web-site, so I couldn’t use Google Translate to decipher it for me. I can work out the ingredients in most European languages, but not in Greek since I’m not versed in the Greek alphabet. Although, the name of the burgers were in English, but they were generic names and not ones that hinted at the ingredients. The staff member spoke sufficiently good English to ensure that, with some of my pointing, that all went well.

A brioche type bun with a generous sized burger, with what I think were mustard and tomato sauces. The quality of the burger was exceptional, almost melting in the mouth. Absolutely excellent. In many ways I’m glad that I picked the basic burger, as it highlighted just how good the meat was.

The onion rings were a decent portion and tasted fine, although were nothing particularly different or anything to write home about (although I’m writing it here, which confuses my comment somewhat). The Fanta was, well, Fanta.

Incidentally, I think that the restaurant is popular with on-line orders, given the number of burgers disappearing out of the door during my visit.

Overall, this cost just a bit over £5 for the burger, onion rings and drink, and I felt that the quality was all well above average. If I was local to the restaurant I might visit it more often. But I’m not, so I won’t. But hopefully lots of other people do, as this would be a marvellous small chain of restaurants if they opened a few more. If they wanted to, sometimes just one is enough.