Athens – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I’ve been to many GBK outlets in the UK and this wasn’t really a chain that I had expected to see in Greece. Actually, most people in Greece will probably be surprised to find GBK as there appears to be only one in the country. It is though an official outlet and has the same branding as the UK restaurant.

I find the whole concept of this just a little strange as looking at photos of the food, they appear to be operating with effectively a different menu. Or at least, there are so many changes to the UK menu that it might as well be a different menu. I’m not sure I see the point of bringing over one restaurant as a franchise to then change it, perhaps it’d have just been easier to start a new restaurant…. And then they could use the delightful food that it is feta cheese which I couldn’t see on the menu. And I’m not sure they’re looking for UK visitors, as it’s located in an area of Athens which doesn’t get that many tourists compared to the city centre.

But, perhaps it’s the start of great new things and soon there will be hundreds of GBKs across Greece. Although since the official GBK Greece Twitter account had its last post in March 2018 and the one before that was in July 2017, I’m not entirely convinced of that.