Ukraine – Lviv to Kyiv Railway Journey

Just a repeat of photos (some of which I may have used before) from my overnight train journey from Lviv to Kyiv in November 2018. Railway stations are always emotional places, they are gateways to cities where people arrive with excitement or depart with sadness. They are also both railway stations featured heavily on the news in recent days with Ukrainians trying to find safety.

I had planned a similar trip for January 2022, but that was rather overtaken by events with the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week. I remember my visit with great fondness, the welcome from Ukraine was similar to the one that I have received on my 30 or so visits to Poland. I’ve meandered my way through tens of museums in Poland and Ukraine, with one thing entirely apparent, which is that the armies and populations are resilient, brave and determined. This part of Europe has been so much over the last few decades and centuries that has hardened generations of Poles and Ukrainians, and they deserved to be able to live in peace and freedom.

Slava Ukraini.