Sunday : A Restful Day in Warsaw

I’m going to admit to some slight image manipulation here, as I took these photos on the Monday morning, so it’s slightly fake to put them here on Sunday’s post. But, it’s my blog and I can’t imagine there’s going to need to be an investigation into my behaviour. It was a quiet day for me (meaning not too much for this blog post), not least as I was excited that my blog was working again, so I was more focused on being productive than trying to replicate an event as exciting as seeing the President of the United States the day before.

The breakfast area was busy, not least as I had come down late again, hence the lack of photos. It was so busy that the staff were asking guests to wear masks, which is the first time I’ve been asked to do that on this trip. The layout of breakfast here isn’t ideal for social distancing, so it was all a little hectic. My favourite food here is definitely the doughnuts, I tested several to make sure they all met my requirements.

I’ve written about Hoppiness several times before, it’s one of the best bars in Warsaw. I felt a quick visit was in order whilst I was wandering around the city centre. I’ve also noted before that there’s sometimes a lot to be said for returning to a place that you know well, as it means there’s chance to relax rather than be on a constant exploration for new things. I have some trips ahead that require quite a lot of exploration, but I feel I’ve completed substantial parts of Warsaw already, I can justify duplicating experiences.

And then I accidentally ordered a burger to go with my beer, as I thought that it looked lonely on the table. The service in Hoppiness is always warm and welcoming, with a mixture of tourists and locals, although it’s by no means targeted to the former as some form of tourist trap. There’s inside and outside seating, an inviting atmosphere to sit and read a book for anyone wanting to relax for a while. It gets busier in the evenings, but there’s something really quite enchanting hearing different languages being spoken and seeing people from various places visiting. I lingered here for some time…..

That means something like ‘praise Ukraine’ and that image of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, is in many places around Warsaw. This is one of the largest that I saw in the city.

I was going to walk to the zoo, but I realised that it was about another 45 minutes walk and then I’d have an hour to walk back, and that all seemed a bit much given the heat of Warsaw. There is public transport that would have made that a little quicker, but not by much. I’m sure that my friend Dave from Wales would have charged off to his preferred choice of destination without giving it much thought, but I’m more measured in my walking. Or lazier, however you want to put it. Mind you, Warsaw is quite flat*, which is handy (* – exceptions apply, which I avoid).

I might have taken a photo of this before, it’s my favourite piece of street art in Warsaw, commemorating those children caught up in World War Two through no fault of their own. It’s at ulicy Wilanowskiej 5 and was painted in 2013 by a group of street artists called WFS.

As I’ve written about before, this Ibis Styles makes a real effort with their choice of beers and I always appreciate that. This is the very acceptable Ciemna Strona Cieszyna beer from Browar Zamkowy Ciezyn.

And that was that for the day, I was relieved that the blog problems that I was having were resolved and the backups are all functioning properly. The thought of backups failing is too tragic for the Internet even to contemplate….