Warsaw – Warsaw Zoo

I haven’t been to Warsaw Zoo for about a decade and the 1 October meant that winter pricing kicked in, making it 20zl or around £4 to visit. A bargain. There weren’t many visitors at the zoo, although there were a few school parties dotted around the place. Some of these were better behaved than others, but, fortunately, they made sufficient noise to ensure I could avoid them.

I’m not sure that I’ve been so near to a rhino before, that was perhaps the most exciting element of the day. Although watching the polar bear was another highlight, although he (or she) looked a bit bored and was pacing around. Most animals seemed to have sufficient space, probably a few areas where they were a little limited, but I’m sure that the zoo is working on that. Perhaps one area where I was a bit uncomfortable were the birds, which did seem limited in space and some were very loud, which must impact on other birds in nearby cages.

A few of the animals were a little hidden away, not sure what had happened to all the big cats, but otherwise I think I saw everything I intended. Although it was a little difficult to work out what there was to see as there was no map handout at the desk and it took me a while before I saw a plan of the zoo on a board.

I also saw the house and tunnel where Jews were hidden during the war, but I’ll post about that separately, but it’s what was brought to a wider audience in the book and film ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’. So, a rather lovely way to spend a couple of hours. I didn’t have my camera with me, just my phone camera, so the zoom shots aren’t particularly marvellous, but they’ll have to do. Anyway, lots of photos below….