Warsaw – So! Coffee (Factory Ursus)

I’m not sure why I haven’t written about So! Coffee before, as I know I’ve visited a few of their outlets before. They are a relatively large chain in Poland, but I like them even though they’re not necessarily the cheapest. This is their outlet in the shopping centre at Factory Ursus.

The shop was clean and organised, with the staff being ridiculously fluent in English (the Polish exchanges fell apart when I didn’t understand they were asking if I wanted a double shot of coffee) and, as so often in Poland, friendly.

Latte and apple cake, a perfectly acceptable breakfast as far as I’m concerned. The latte was rich and creamy and the cake had one of my five a day underneath the sugar. All rather lovely.

And, I’m very easily pleased, so I was entirely happy with the free piece of fudge that comes with the coffee. The shop was a comfortable environment, with seating inside and outside (well, outside the shop, still inside the shopping centre) which was all kept clean.