Warsaw – Hoppiness (Visit 2)

I think that I was quite thorough when visiting craft beer bars earlier in the year as I’ve now had to start going back to some of them, having run out of new locations to visit. But this certainly isn’t a bad thing. Anyway, I won’t add much here, it’s still an excellent bar as I pointed out in my other post about Hoppiness.

The beer list, all balanced with some interesting options on there, with the current list always available at http://hoppiness.ontap.pl/.

This time I went for the Volcano Burger, which they did make clear when I ordered was very hot. And it was. But, tolerably so (although only just and I have a relatively high tolerance for these things) and the burger was served medium, which is perfect. All of a very good quality again and nicely presented.

Onto the beer, I had the Orzechowy Fes from Warkot Brewery, which had a rich and obvious taste of nuts, the strongest I’ve had since a peanut butter nitro stout in the United States I think. Very moreish and drinkable, an excellent choice of the bar to have in stock (and for me to buy).

The service wasn’t quite as engaging as before, but things are harder with masks and it was still a welcoming and comfortable environment. Everything was clean and organised, with the beer and food being as good as I remember from my last visit. So, at some stage I’d better make a third visit…..