Warsaw – Charles de Gaulle Statue

Wikipedia notes that there are four statues of Charles de Gaulle outside France, located in Warsaw, Moscow, Bucharest and Quebec City. I’m sure that there are more, but that’s not a bad start and I saw the one in Bucharest a few months ago. This statue in Warsaw is apparently similar (well, it’s the same statue, so very similar) to that of the former French President on Champs Elysées in Paris.

The statue was given to the city of Warsaw by the French Government, which is an interesting strategy as I’m not what sure what the city would do if the UK presented the Poles with a statue of Boris Johnson. There is support for Charles de Gaulle in Poland, but it’s more to do with his contribution to the Second Polish Republic in 1920, following the end of the First World War. Actually, with reference to Boris Johnson, the statue was unveiled in 2005 by Michel Barnier in his then role as the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, but now better known for his role with Brexit.